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They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Virtue Signaling

David French, Rod Dreher, and other Never Trump Christians have been quite vocal of late bemoaning Donald Trump and those Christians tacky enough to have voted for him and insensitive enough not to have repented of being a “Trumpist.” Being an unapologetic supporter of Trump is an unforgivable sin in the eyes of both the

Why They Impeached Trump: To Declare Conservatives “Domestic terrorists.”

R. Cort Kirkwood Whatever happened during the mostly peaceful protest at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, impeaching President Trump on January 13 wasn’t completely unnecessary. Just seven days remained in his term. Here’s why they impeached him: to set the stage for criminalizing dissent. The story out of the House vote on the preposterous

Identity in Black and White

By Wayne Allensworth For some time now, the powers-that-be have denied the American ethnos, what we call “the American Remnant,” any positive identity.  They acknowledge only a negative identity for our people: We are slandered as a pack of “racists” who, even without being conscious of it, supposedly cause stress, anxiety, and even premature death

Political Orphans

It is clear that to many Republican politicians and conservative scribblers, the 75,000,000 of us who voted for Donald Trump are every bit as deplorable as he is. That is why they are so eager to impeach Trump days before he leaves office, without giving any thought at all to what the millions who voted

What They Have In Store For Trump Supporters: “Cleansing.”

ABC’s political director tweeted that Trump supporters need a “cleansing,” because removing Orange Man Bad’s stain upon the presidency — which wasn’t stained by Bill Clinton or his lubricious intern, or JFK’s skinny-dipping in the White House pool with Fiddle and Faddle — isn’t enough. “Cleansing” is one word for it. Or maybe the ABC

A Scene To Ponder

By Tom Piatak A scene to ponder. It is Christmas Eve in 1939, and the officer commanding a group of Polish officers in Soviet captivity has asked one of his men to report upon seeing the first star in the night sky. If these men were with their families, the sighting of the star would

Mike Pence, Ashli Babbitt, and Ted Cruz: Where do We go From Here?

By Wayne Allensworth This is Mike Pence: And after the events in the capital this week: Z-Man has written an excellent piece on what transpired at the capital. Some excerpts: “Yesterday, Ashli Babbitt was shot in the neck and died while protesting inside the Capitol with other protestors. A group of angry Trump supporters had


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