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The White Disease

By Wayne Allensworth

If you have not noticed by now, dear reader, a fundamental theme in leftist/globalist discourse is “whiteness,” and how that condition is the cause of practically all the world’s problems. 

Wokeness in power means anti-”whiteness,” and the leftist mob takes every opportunity it can to demonize unreconstructed white people who have not yet denounced themselves and their race. White penitents appear to imagine that taking a knee before the woke religion’s gods will appease the mob, which will then anoint them as post-white acolytes of the church of wokeness. 

That’s probably a delusion.

In Oakland, California, for instance, unbearable whiteness excludes the melanin-challenged residents of that benighted city from an anti-poverty program that will send cash to families earning less than $30,000. The city’s mayor, Libby Schaaf, described the program as part of a “relentless campaign” to institute a national guaranteed income. It’s safe to assume that the good mayor does not imagine such a program will aid whites.

Non-woke whites must expect to be blamed for everything. The MSM’s “white supremacy” mantra is invoked whenever and wherever possible to drive home the anti-white message. MSM propagandists have predictably cast the Atlanta massage parlor murders as an act of brazen “whiteness” in action. As noted by VDare’s James Fulford, the aim of such propaganda is to blame “white supremacy” for a wave of attacks on Asians by black thugs. The same sources ignore or play down the racial animus of any criminal targeting white victims.

Meanwhile, anti-white “critical race theory” is in our schools. If parents object, they are treated as enemies of the revolution. In Loudoun County, Virginia, for instance, a group of self-appointed political commissars, including current and former teachers, have compiled a list of those who object. The purpose of the Stasi wannabes is to infiltrate the dissenters, use hackers to cut off their communications, and expose the ideological deviants. We should all know by now what such exposure may mean for them: the loss of jobs, harassment, perhaps even politically-motivated violence.

Meanwhile, in Mordor, formerly “the nation’s capital,” two Democratic senators, Japanese immigrant Mazi Hirono of Hawaii and Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, have complained that even Joe Biden’s cabinet appointments are not “diverse” enough. “Diverse,” of course, first of all means “not white.” Duckworth proclaimed that “I am a ‘no’ vote on the floor on all non-diversity nominees. … I will vote for racial minorities and LGBTQ but anybody else, I’m not voting for.” The two harridans’ threats reportedly prompted the White House to make promises regarding “diversity” in exchange for their votes.

If you still don’t get it, take a gander at remarks by one Damon Young, who has proclaimed that “whiteness is a public health crisis.” It’s a “pandemic,” in fact. According to Young, whiteness “kills people.” “White supremacy,” opined Young, “is a virus that, like other viruses, will not die until there are no bodies left for it to infect. Which means the only way to stop it is to locate it, isolate it, extract it, and kill it.” Young, by the way, is “a contributing opinion writer for the New York Times,” not a marginal figure posting his anti-white bilge on Facebook. What’s more, Young’s genocidal remarks failed to prompt a response from the gatekeepers at Twitter. Twitter, by the way, has a “hateful conduct policy” that excludes dehumanizing language — like comparing people to a disease that must be eradicated. That policy apparently does not apply to whites. 

The American Remnant should not delude itself by believing the GOP will help it. Thus far, their latest imagined savior, Donald Trump, has not lifted a finger to defend even his most ardent supporters, who are being treated as part of vast, imaginary “domestic terrorism” network rooted in “white supremacy.” The GOP appears to be “allergic to praising its base,” as the Stupid Party is obsessed with “minority outreach.” Asking the Republicans to defend their own voters appears to be asking for too much.

White elites who have backed, or at least yielded to, the anti-”whiteness” mob are likely whistling past the graveyard, both literally and figuratively. The Z-Man recently noted that America, like the post-Brezhnev Soviet Union, is a gerontocracy. Both the Democrats and the GOP leadership are dominated by old white people. When they die off, the gerontocracy will die with it. The Z-Man notes that their descendants will be left to the tender mercies of an emerging non-white majority, the product of decades of unchecked mass immigration. 

We should not be sanguine about our future. Whites in South Africa, many of them afflicted with the real white disease of obsessive racial guilt and pathological altruism, yielded power to non-whites. They continue to pay the price. All the talk of reconciliation and rainbows did not save them. In the “land of the free,” many whites cannot muster the courage to defend themselves. Whites are the only people who appear ready to commit suicide to prove how broad-minded they are.

Those of us who still have a sense of self-preservation have a tough road ahead. We must convince our people that what we face is more than a political divide. It’s a question of survival.

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor for Chronicles Magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood.    

SI Makes History: The Norming of “Trans” Mania

By Wayne Allensworth

A creature who goes by the name “Leyna Bloom” is now, as Us magazine reports, “gracing the pages” of the 2021 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. “Leyna” and SI are “making history,” we are told, since “she” is “the first transgender woman of color” to be featured in the magazine. SI had already established its “woke” credentials last year, when the once popular swimsuit issue featured its first “transgender” model. SI‘s editors were fully aware, no doubt, that more history was there to be made by featuring a “person of color” of the “trans” persuasion in its glossy pages.

SI‘s recent bout of lunacy makes one nostalgic for the good old days of Christie Brinkley and Kathy Ireland. The unstated assumption of the powers-that-be is that if “Leyna” doesn’t make the boys drool, they are all a bunch of “transphobes,” as the latest addition to the argot goes. We have been duly directed to find “her” desirable–“she’s” a victim, you understand, of patriarchal norms. In the benighted past, “Leyna” claims, “she” was told “she” was a “woman,” black (Us capitalizes “Black,” of course), and “trans,” and that “she” was, therefore, “at the bottom of the food chain.” But not now–bottom rail on top! And you had better at least pretend to like it. Capiche?

What’s going on here? 

First, sports journalism is competing for its place in the sun. Sports writers are no longer crusty fellows chomping on cheap cigars in cramped press boxes as they pound out copy for the unwashed. Perpetually rehashing the Jackie Robinson story just doesn’t hack it anymore. What better way to become “relevant” than turning the swimsuit issue inside out, so to speak?

Second, Big Brother is constantly on the lookout for thought crimes. The globalist Blob is a total system. It intends to encompass everything in our lives. Nothing can be allowed to exist outside it, as that would threaten the long-term prospects for permanently transforming the proles (especially whites) into a mass of UBI-collecting, cubicle dwelling, obedient drones. Testing the collective gag reflex of American males is great fun, and highly informative for the Blob’s Minions. Who will dare express repulsion at the charms of “Leyna?” Who will perform the requisite act of obedience and proclaim “her” desirable?   

Third, the demonic transvaluation of all values continues. The object of the nihilists, who hate the natural order, God, and anything associated with civilized society, is to invert all social norms, to proclaim the perverse and disgusting as beautiful and call Evil, Good, and Good, Evil. That which is beautiful must be subverted. Thus, the proliferation of people who mutilate and disfigure themselves.

Normalizing “trans” mania by trying to force “Leyna” on us is part of the program.   

And fourth, the left delights in destroying anything normal men–especially normal white men– enjoy. Whether it’s “trans” swimsuit models or rubbing their noses in the “Black National Anthem” at sporting events, the monsters must be made to squirm.

This sort of thing is not going to go away anytime soon. For decades, mainstream conservatives mocked “PC,” while not really taking it seriously. It was no joke, however. The woke crazies mean what they say, and there is nowhere left to retreat to that is beyond their reach.

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor for Chronicles Magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood   

Joe Sobran’s Real Transgression

By American Remnant

Declan Leary admires the late Joe Sobran, who passed on ten years ago.

Mr. Leary used most of a recent article he wrote for The American Conservative to praise Sobran’s many gifts and insights. Leary, for instance, called Joe Sobran “a rare talent, fueled by a remarkable mind.” He described Sobran’s writing as “unmatched” for its “clarity of thought.” Joe, noted Leary, citing comments by Sobran’s National Review colleague Matthew Scully, had a facility with language that made his writing appear easy, except that no one else could duplicate it.

Leary’s aim was to praise Joe Sobran’s contributions to conservative thought. Leary summed up Sobran’s “remarkable body of work” by concluding that his conservative thesis was “deceptively simple,” one that was based in “humility and gratitude.” Leary wrote that Sobran’s view of a conservative was someone “who sees that the world is good, rejoices in that goodness, and recognizes that he would not do very well to remake it from scratch. Just as this worldview, planted as it is firmly on the ground, discourages utopian endeavors, so too it mandates the preservation of what good we have built through conservative action.”

It is instructive, however, that Leary felt compelled to begin his fine essay on Sobran’s contributions to conservatism by dealing with how Joe Sobran has been “judged” for his ”alleged anti-Semitism.” Sobran, he wrote, “now tends to be mentioned only in sanctimonious whispers, as a hard-right crank and certified loon.” Leary wrote that Sobran’s “infamous” 2002 appearance before the Institute for Historical Review, which “peddles in Holocaust denial,” was something that “cannot be excused,” and he lamented what he called Sobran’s “reprehensible actions in later life.”

Nevertheless, Leary concluded that Sobran’s work had great value and that the “pall” that had fallen over his legacy “should not have fallen so heavily.”

No, it shouldn’t have.

Leary’s point is that Sobran’s ill-advised appearance at the IHR, something that he should not have done, was not the most important thing about him. What he misses is why that pall did, in fact, fall so heavily over Joe Sobran, and what that revealed about public life in our society. What’s missing goes a long way toward explaining why positive statements about anyone our establishment has cast into the outer darkness are commonly prefaced with a ritual condemnation.

The fact is that the powers-that-be had portrayed Joe Sobran as a “crank” and a “loon” long before his IHR appearance. He had been ostracized and vilified for years, especially by nervous conservatives, in a way that Al Sharpton, for example, was not. That’s the Al Sharpton who played an inexcusable, infamous, and reprehensible role in the 1991 pogrom in Crown Heights, an event of actual violence against Jews.

Yet Al Sharpton was not ostracized or dismissed by national media as a crank or a loon. He has prospered. No pall has fallen over Al Sharpton. Why is that?

The answer to that question is simple enough. The right reverend is black, a leftist, and a rabble rouser. In short, he is “diverse,” while Joe Sobran was not. What’s more, he is a useful demagogue for the left and our globalist elite. Thus, Al gets a pass, even for his part in mob violence directed against Jews, while Joe, who had never advocated violence against Jews or anyone else, did not.

But why did that pall fall over Joe Sobran in the first place?

The answer to that question is also a simple one, if, that is, one understands the dynamics of political power in our society.  

Joe Sobran behaved as if he were a free man still living in free country. And in doing so, he violated one of the most sacrosanct taboos in American public life. Joe raised the issue of the enormous power and influence of the Israeli lobby and its “Amen corner” in our country. Sharpton may have helped instigate a pogrom, but our establishment saw Sobran as far more dangerous. Ironically, in destroying Joe Sobran’s career and reputation, the American political establishment only proved how right Joe had been.             

The Texas Power Grid Disaster: Only the Beginning?

By Wayne Allensworth

The sun is shining now, and the snow and ice are melting.  I managed to take a walk around my neighborhood this weekend, something I haven’t been able to do for a while as a result of the “polar vortex” that wreaked havoc in my native state.

The power grid broke down under the strain, homes were left without electricity, pipes burst, and water treatment plants stopped functioning in some areas.  Millions were left without power, heat, and water. 

Why did this happen? has posted the best thing I’ve read about this mess, a piece entitled  “Texas’s Power Grid Disaster is Only the Beginning.”  According to Revolver, there are lots of reasons for the system breaking down under the “black swan” event of the polar vortex cold snap, as  temperatures dipped below zero in a number of places in Texas.

Yes, growing reliance on solar and wind turbine power played an important role in the disaster. Conservative news sources took advantage of the opportunity to take a shot at “green energy,” gleefully highlighting photos of frozen wind turbines, but that apparently was not the only problem.  The Texas power system collapsed partly because of a lack of preparation—instruments froze up at nuclear power stations that had not been “winterized,” as well as at natural gas and coal facilities across the state.  Revolver compared the collapse of the Texas power grid to recent blackouts in California, but also noted that the USA’s power grid is dramatically less reliable than those of other developed countries. Revolver reported that aging infrastructure had not been updated or replaced.

Why hasn’t it been updated or replaced?  Because maintaining infrastructure is one of the “least sexy” budget items, and is one of the first things to be cut back during a “budget crunch.”  In the eyes of our esteemed legislators, there are far more “sexy” budget items to focus on.  As a result, according to the information presented by Revolver, infrastructure spending has been steadily declining.

It’s only going to get worse.

Revolver summed up our predicament like this:

“The mess with the Texas power grid is only the beginning. In the years to come, American infrastructure will fail more and more often, as America becomes less capable of maintaining the core elements of a First World country.

Why would America become less First World? That’s a simple question to answer: Because America is making itself less First World.” 

America is becoming more like an undeveloped country because major enterprises and government have institutionalized hiring employees and contractors based on their “diversity” points rather than competence.  Revolver highlighted the Washington DC metro system as an example of that practice and its results.  On top of that, Revolver noted that the globalists who run this country are making America more “third world” by importing vast numbers of low skilled (and, I would add, low IQ) immigrants from less developed countries, countries that are plagued by staggering corruption and incompetence.  Thus, “There are other reasons to be worried about America’s future supply of builders, technicians, and repairmen.” Yes, there are—we are talking about the country’s future stock of “human capital.”  

As for self-styled “conservatives,” the bulk of them have never been interested in conserving anything, not even the American ethnos. They have been wedded to “growth” as the holiest tenet of their ideology, espousing a bogus conservatism that recognizes no limits.  No wonder mainstream conservatism has been reluctant to embrace sensible limits on immigration.  The “mainstream” view is that one warm body is interchangeable with another, and the more warm bodies, the better.  It stands to reason that as more people have flooded the country, our aging infrastructure has been strained to the breaking point.

Blackouts and other infrastructure disasters are likely to become more common.  Get used to it.

Wayne Allensworth is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood

Middle American Resistance, Nullification, and the Purge of the Military

By Wayne Allensworth

In earlier pieces on Middle American Resistance (see here and here, for instance), your humble servant wrote that gun control could be the issue that galvanizes that resistance.  From counties to whole states, a showdown with the globalist Blob has been shaping up over what may be the bridge too far Middle America won’t allow to be crossed.

Under front man Biden, the Blob is preparing to attempt to cross that bridge. The aim, of course, is not to halt the recent surge in “gun violence.”  That would mean throwing more black criminals in jail, wrecking the Blob’s “white supremacist” threat narrative.  The aim is to disarm us, the people the globalists really fear

County sheriffs, other county level officials, state governments, and towns and cities around the country have refused to enforce gun control measures in “2nd Amendment sanctuary” zones.  In January, after a number of Texas counties had done just that, Governor Greg Abbot stated that he wanted Texas to become a 2nd Amendment sanctuary state so that “no government official at any level” could infringe Texans’ 2nd Amendment rights. 

Nullification is a key weapon in Middle America’s fight for survival. 

The states are resisting on other fronts as well.  Texas, for instance, had previously sued the federal government over the Biden administration’s intention to end immigration enforcement, and is at it again. Gun control may be the emotional trigger that sets off Middle American resistance, but it is mass immigration that has been the Blob’s indispensable weapon of mass destruction in its war on “deplorable” America.  We must act to preserve a sanctuary for our people if they are to have any future at all.

The key question is what the Blob intends to do about all this, but the administration’s intention to purge the military may tell us something. As noted in this space previously, the “boots on the ground” are largely on our side, so it’s no surprise that the Blob is targeting “extremists” in uniform. 

Don’t expect any help from bogus “populists” in the national level GOP—and we should not take it for granted that Republican “beautiful losers” at any level are completely trustworthy.

Wayne Allensworth is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood

Why do conservatives always lose?

By Wayne Allensworth

In my lifetime, social trends have inexorably tracked leftward. In a very short time in historical terms, our society’s popular culture, for instance, veered from The Andy Griffith Show to RuPaul’s Drag Race at a disorienting pace.  For every apparently good bit of news—divorce rates are down, for instance—we find a dark cloud behind a false silver lining: there are fewer divorces because marriage has collapsed, and with it, the family, the very bedrock of any social order.

Social conservatives have enjoyed few successes in recent decades. It mattered little who was president, or which party controlled Congress, or even who sat on the Supreme Court.  Yes, the court’s role in the revolution is clear, but were the justices determining social norms or following already extant trends?  Those “conservative” justices—vital to the survival of the republic, we heard again and again—had a way of “growing” in a way leftists did not. Something called “gay marriage” that was unthinkable not so long ago now appears to be widely accepted.  It’s difficult to believe that such a sea change in social attitudes took place because of a single SCOTUS decision.  The old social norms have evaporated like a glass of water in a desert.  The old unmentionables are becoming commonplace: homosexuality, cohabitation, even “trans-gendered” people.

What happened? 

American individualism was unmoored from traditional morality. Richard Weaver’s notion of an individualism limited by duty and responsibility in the “disciplined freedom” of “social bond individualism” is, as they say, ancient history. There are many interrelated reasons for that.  Urbanization, industrialization, increased mobility, and cultural homogenization undermined a sense of rootedness in our people. Deracination was the result. Those “little platoons” mainstream conservatives used to celebrate became fractured and atomized.

It’s no surprise that socio-economic structural changes were accompanied by a new zeitgeist that celebrated the myth of a completely autonomous individual, a demi-god unbridled by “oppressive” traditional institutions, a superior being capable of magical transformations.  No fault divorce and legal abortion were its products. The zeitgeist of the age promoted a “blank slate” theory of human nature that set the stage for mass, virtually uncontrolled, immigration from lands vastly different from our own.

Real conservatives tend to be wary of technological advancement and the social disruption that might accompany radical innovation. They should be. The sexual revolution, for instance, was not simply a matter of the legalization of abortion and pornography, or easy divorce. It could not have happened without penicillin and the pill. The former ended the fear of venereal disease.  The latter ended the fear of an “unwanted child.”  Sexual libertines had been around for centuries. The “liberated” world they desired could not have happened without the medical-technological advancements of the 20th century. 

What we as conservatives are confronted with is the late sociologist Zygmunt Bauman’s “liquid modernity,” a society that is in a constant state of becoming.  Our society sees “change” as a wholly positive phenomenon.  “Change” has no end point of perfection.  There is nothing “solid” in our new reality. “Trans-genderism” and “trans-humanism” are the next realms of exploration for a world that is constantly in flux. 

Conservatives lose because what we have to offer—restraint, traditional religious and cultural norms, self-sacrifice, delayed gratification, kinship ties, patriotism—has been unable to compete with “ye shall be as gods,” and the sense of omnipotence that accompanies the seductive power of modern technology.  Our young people are afloat in the sea of liquid modernity.  What attraction can a life of oppressive restraint, of blood, sweat, toil, and tears, have compared to the false promise of self-realization and instant gratification?  They wish to be “happy” and self-determined.  Our old notions of fulfillment are unappealing. 

All people long for a sense of purpose and direction. Drug addiction, depression, suicide, and the lost sense of place that haunt our society are the consequences of a vast array of structural, social, and economic disruptions. These are disruptions our self-styled mainstream conservatives celebrate, as they celebrate globalized capitalism’s role in creating a post-modern wasteland.  If there is to be any positive future for our people, we have to reject the tenets of a “conservatism” that can’t even conceive of conserving anything.

It may be that the present madness will have to run its course, that it will continue until enough people have experienced its destructive nihilism good and hard.  In the meantime, the rest of us will have a lot of thinking to do about how to survive, how to rebuild, and how to keep the old ways alive.

Wayne Allensworth is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood

We’re All Charlottesville Now

By Carolina Contrarian

The debacle at the United States Capitol building last January 6th is still being analyzed and debated, but we can already see the shape the fallout is taking. Nancy Pelosi recently claimed that the rioters “chose their Whiteness over democracy.” Arnold Schwarzenegger likened the event to a Nazi attack. A chorus of left-wing politicians, and some supposedly right-wing ones, are decrying the protests as being rooted in White Supremacy.

What is happening to the Stop the Steal rally attendees is exactly what happened to the Charlottesville Unite the Right attendees, writ large.

Attendees of the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally self-identified as many things – historical preservationists, Southern heritage supporters, Southern Nationalists, American nationalists. Others, probably a small minority, could accurately be described as “supremacists.” In keeping with the “Unite the Right” theme, about a thousand people were in attendance, representing a wide variety of differing goals and beliefs.

All of them – ALL OF THEM – were relentlessly branded as “Nazis” and “White Supremacists” by the national news media.

ALL OF THEM were implicitly blamed for the events of the day, which has now been firmly cemented in the minds of the American public as a “deadly White Supremacist rally.”

The most powerful voices in America, seeing an opportunity to further a narrative favorable to their goals, did not care to ask whether it was accurate to describe everyone there as a “Nazi” or “White Supremacist,” and they did not care to ask about the degree of blame due to the authorities for the “deadly” part.

Most of the American public uncritically lapped up the preferred narrative of the elites, that Nazis and White Supremacists, emboldened by their leader Donald Trump, had laid siege to Charlottesville, Virginia, resulting in carnage. The few people who knew the truth of the matter, branded with the most foul possible stigma and hobbled by censorship, were powerless to refute the myth.

The villainized attendees suffered varying types and degrees of political and criminal persecution. Some who engaged in physical altercations were punitively overcharged for their actions, while serious misbehavior on the part of leftist counter-protesters was minimized, ignored, or even celebrated. Civil cases which may be described as “lawfare” were filed against parties involved with organizing the event. Some attendees were doxxed and hounded into ostracism and unemployment by self-righteous mobs of activists.

This is what people must understand: Everything that happened at Unite the Right in Charlottesville is happening again with Stop the Steal in DC. The kneecapping of the extreme right elements that gathered in Virginia was a dress rehearsal for what is happening to Heritage Americans as a whole now. Just as the “punch a Nazi” meme turned overnight from “It’s okay to punch Richard Spencer” to “It’s okay to punch anyone with a Trump hat,” the condemnation of Charlottesville participants has morphed into condemnation of all American nationalists.

Other aspects of the Charlottesville reaction are being repeated. There are calls to charge people who are guilty of at most trespassing and vandalism with treason and sedition. There was a swift and severe deplatforming and censorship reaction that reached all the way up the highest office in the land, affecting then-President Donald Trump. While half the country’s communications were hampered, an alternative, false interpretation of the events is being hammered into the public by our elite class. Treason! Sedition! An attempted violent coup of our democracy inspired by conspiracy theories about election fraud, and egged on with incitement from the losing candidate. (A video in which Donald Trump clearly told his supporters to protest “peacefully and patriotically” is being scrubbed from the internet.)

Another similarity in the Charlottesville rally and the Capitol “siege” is the conspicuous absence of law enforcement. In Charlottesville, witnesses on both sides of the political spectrum reported, and an independent investigation confirmed, that an ineffectual and passive law enforcement presence was a major factor in the calamitous turn of events. It is shocking that our Capitol building could be easily breached by a disorganized group of mostly unarmed protesters, and it is puzzling that this egregious failure of law enforcement is scarcely mentioned.

Another aspect of the Charlottesville fallout is beginning to be repeated. Jason Kessler, the organizer of the Charlottesville rally, has for several years been reporting on the journo-activists who targeted attendees of Unite the Right – activists like Ford Fischer and AC Thompson who created an award-winning documentary on exposing “hate.” For this work, they besieged Unite the Right attendees by, for example, ambushing them with camera crews at their place of employment. Their reporting omits mention of the threats and violent behavior of the left-wing participants, and uses deceptive editing and scary music to portray the rally participants as dangerous. Kessler explains, “These men essentially blood libel the participants of the protests by omitting crucial evidence that makes them look bad.”

Unite the Right participants did not expect the events to go awry as they did. However, most of them at least realized that expressing their beliefs would shock some people and draw strong criticism. Participants of Stop the Steal are, by contrast, lambs to the slaughter. Most of them are moderate, conservative Americans who are operating under the assumption that we still live in the country in which they grew up. Unite the Right attendees were disabused in 2017 of the idea that freedom of speech and assembly are still protected. MAGA-Americans are for the most part unaware that we are experiencing a shift to a new regime – a regime in which expressing a belief in traditional American values may be considered domestic terrorism. They have no idea that they are potential targets for doxxing, violence, un-personing, and abusive prosecution which befell the Charlottesville attendees. As the nation becomes assimilated into the reality of the communist regime, they are about to learn a painful lesson.

This article appeared originally on the Reckonin website.

Died of a Theory: What happened to the Old America?

By Wayne Allensworth

“If the Confederacy falls, there should be written on its tombstone: ‘Died of a Theory.’”—Jefferson Davis

The United States of America is as dead as a doornail.

Yes, a geographic body bears that name on maps, but like the term “American,” it has been drained of any substance.  The globalists and their leftist allies have made sure of that.  For decades, they maintained the “American” brand name and national symbols. But like a vampire bat, they bled the body politic dry as the American ethnos, induced into a stupor by propaganda, slept.  Our symbols and monuments to our past are now being jettisoned, and we ourselves are slated for replacement.

The old America died of a theory. 

Jeff Davis might have found it ironic that the USA died of the very theory that animated the most hateful enemies of the South.  Many of his influential compatriots so feared that theory that they refused to consider offering slaves freedom in exchange for their serving as Confederate soldiers.  It was their theory of slavery that Davis regretted.

Ideology has frequently overridden common sense.

The ideal of equality before the law, for example, was present at Enlightenment-age America’s creation.  Few of Jefferson’s contemporaries, however, interpreted his lofty assertion that “All men are created equal” literally.   The old America’s idea of all citizens being subject to the law was a cultural artifact of the American ethnos, the present day American Remnant.  That artifact unfortunately became infected with a radical egalitarian virus.  The idea of absolute equality, today’s “blank slate” theory of human nature, which denies any inherent differences in human groups, eventually undermined a more limited and workable idea of equality.

Each stage of the lengthy cultural revolution that overturned long accepted norms made America, indeed the entire Western world, more vulnerable to the radical pathogen.  As the infection set in, we lost confidence in ourselves, and with it, we lost our survival instinct.  Be that as it may, the proximate causes of the radical disease’s terminal stage were the “civil rights revolution” of the 1960s, and the decades-long Cold War.

Yours truly recently wrote a piece on how the “civil rights revolution” institutionalized white guilt in our educational system.  The powers-that-be, an alliance of globalists and leftists, wielded a white guilt-heavy revisionist view of American history as a bludgeon against the American ethnos, breaking down resistance to radical egalitarianism, and, concomitantly, globalism.

Under the blank slate theory, no distinctions could be made, for instance, between Americans and aliens. The world’s entire population was, at least potentially, “American.”  “Discrimination” was counted among the worst of all sins.  According to the theory, the “gaps” between whites and minorities could only be explained by “white privilege” and invisible “institutional racism.”

The Cold War helped spread the infection as well.

The Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965 itself was part of the Cold War “architecture” of the era. As Dennis Petrov wrote at VDare:

“The propaganda aspect of the war was fought in ideological terms as a clash between Communism and Capitalism (‘the free world’), a war of ideas, not of countries with concrete national interests and distinct peoples. Hart-Celler, which opened the door to non-European immigration, was ideologically an extension of the Civil Rights legislation of the era, itself used in Cold War information campaigns to counter Soviet anti-capitalist and anti-U.S. propaganda. Discrimination of any kind was seen as arming the Communists with useful propaganda points—a Western democracy discriminating against the colored peoples of the earth undermined the global anti-Communist line.”

The Cold War helped cement the notion of America as an idea, a radically egalitarian one at that, into the national psyche.  It was an idea that disarmed the American ethnos.  Henceforth, “we” could include anyone from anywhere.  To say otherwise was “racist” and “xenophobic.”

The USA as a political manifestation of the American ethnos is dead, but the ethnos, weakened and under siege, lives on.  Acknowledging that the global capital on the Potomac and the system it represents are indeed hostile to us is a necessary step toward thinking about what comes next.  To begin again, a reassessment of what “patriotism” means is necessary. And any patriotic movement worthy of the name must jettison the baggage of the egalitarian god that failed. America is not an idea.

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood

Remembering Robert E. Lee on his Birthday

The following article was originally published by Chronicles Magazine in August, 2017:

After Lee: Charlottesville and Beyond

By Wayne Allensworth


Was it for this
That on that April day we stacked our arms
Obedient to a soldier’s trust? To lie
Ground by the heels of little men,
Forever maimed, defeated, impugned?

—Donald Davidson, “Lee in the Mountains”

There are times when I feel as though I’ve awoken in a madhouse, a madhouse that cannot possibly be the country I was born into.

Following Donald Trump’s heroic news conference in New York the week of the Charlottesville riot, and his subsequent “tweet storm,” in which our president, in defending historical monuments, displayed more common sense and sanity than our media, political, academic and economic establishments are accustomed to, I could only conclude that to display sanity these days is an heroic act in itself. I walked away from the computer screen long enough to scan the bookcase in my son’s room and pulled from the shelf a volume I had treasured as a boy, a beautifully illustrated biography by Henry Steele Commager and Lynd Ward entitled America’s Robert E. Lee. I had often borrowed it from the library of my elementary school and had found a copy of it decades later in a used book store.

The book ends with Lee at Appomattox:

“So ended the Army of Northern Virginia—Lee’s army . . . As he sat astride Traveller his men crowded around him, many with tears streaming down their cheeks, not cheering, but saluting the leader who had never failed them. Then he turned, and rode off into history.”

Lee’s portrait hangs in my office. A boxed set of Douglas Southall Freeman’s monumental Pulitzer Prize winning, four volume biography, R.E. Lee stands atop my book case, a prize I happened upon on a trip long ago. Lee’s greatness was once acknowledged by Americans North and South. President Eisenhower described Lee as “one of the supremely gifted men produced by our Nation . . . Through all his many trials, he remained selfless almost to a fault and unfailing in his faith in God. Taken altogether, he was noble as a leader and as a man, and unsullied as I read the pages of our history.” Indeed, for decades, Lee has often been listed as one of the most important leaders in American history.

Lee fought his war for all the right reasons, as a war for independence, much like that fought by his father, “Light Horse Harry” Lee, a century earlier, and he fought with honor. His Army of Northern Virginia remains legendary in the history of American arms. In victory, he was magnanimous, in defeat, he called for reconciliation. The post war social compact upheld the honor of both sides. Lee and all who fought are an essential part of the American story.

And now the great man, who, unlike many others who have left their mark on history, was also a good man, along with practically all our monuments dedicated to heroes of an often tragic past are under assault by the vilest of Bolshevism’s bestial epigones. They hate the South because they hate America, for that is the point. They hate Lee because they hate honor and despise the Christian faith. Their fanaticism is a sign of the demonic.

As James Jatras has pointed out, the aim of the fanatics and their enablers is nothing short of achieving the “death of a nation,” replacing it with “a new, borderless, multiethnic, multilingual, multi-religious, multi-sexual, ahistorical, fake ‘America’ now aborning in violence and lawlessness”:

He who says A must say B. When one accepts demonization of part of our history and placing those who defend it beyond the pale of legitimate discourse, one should hardly be surprised when the arrogant fury of the victors is unleashed. That takes two forms: the nihilist street thugs of “Antifa” and “Black Lives Matter,” and the authorities (both governmental and media, a/k/a the Swamp) who confer on them immunity for violent, criminal behavior. The former are the shock troops of the latter.

No rational arguments can penetrate the ideologically thickened skulls of fanatics. Others have already noted the hypocrisy, the Orwellian distortions of reality (not only about what happened at Charlottesville, but about what President Trump said concerning the violence there), and the mendacity and hatefulness of those who would destroy monuments in Taliban-like fashion, erasing our country along with our freedoms and civilization itself. George Neumayr has commented in The American Spectator that he wonders “what entitles this generation to speak so confidently about past evils given its inability to recognize present ones,” including being “awash in the blood of millions of aborted children.” That’s something I’ve often wondered myself. How can these people sit in judgement on heroes of the past as they tolerate even a trade in body parts from aborted babies? The blogger “Roman Dmowski” has made a similar point:

“We live in a country with over a million abortions a year and gay marriage. Is that somehow better than the generation that fought World War II and also didn’t want school bussing? I don’t think so.”

As the Left and, indeed, the establishment as a whole, continues to hyperventilate over the election of Donald Trump, Charlottesville has given them a pre-text for what Mr. Neumayr has called “an orgy of self-righteousness,” including toppled statues, vandalism, and a call to assassinate the president, an orgy that the “stupid party” (aka “the GOP”) seems eager to participate in:

“Naturally, ‘conservatives’ and members of the stupid party are joining the lynch mob instead of stopping it. By the way, what exactly do ‘conservatives’ conserve anymore? It is difficult to say, except maybe their seats on Meet the Press and Morning Joe. Turn on the TV and you are likely to hear some ‘conservative’ rebuking Trump for his ban on transgendered troops, extolling the glories of gay marriage, and casting Robert E. Lee as a traitorous dirtbag. Rich Lowry wants to see the Confederate monuments ‘mothballed.’

 . . . The press had grown accustomed to Republican presidents who suffered under what might be called a conservative inferiority complex. Trump, fortunately, isn’t touched by it and is willing to call the self-appointed ruling class on its propaganda and lies.”

Post-modern people lack the tragic view. They fail to grasp that there are many problems in this world that cannot be fixed, that utopia is a satanic temptation, and that all human societies are flawed. Slavery was not unique to America or to whites or to the South, blacks sold and owned slaves, and the ever present tensions between races and the “gaps” between them cannot be wholly avoided, or closed by acts of legislation or political fanaticism.

This fight isn’t over yet.

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood

Identity in Black and White

By Wayne Allensworth

For some time now, the powers-that-be have denied the American ethnos, what we call “the American Remnant,” any positive identity.  They acknowledge only a negative identity for our people: We are slandered as a pack of “racists” who, even without being conscious of it, supposedly cause stress, anxiety, and even premature death among “people of color.” The left has fetishized blacks as eternal victims, granting them sacred status.  The message of Black Lives Matter is that black lives count more than white ones.  Stating that all lives matter is a grievous sin in the post-American landscape of 2021.

The reasons blacks have been accorded special status and weaponized by the enemies of the American Remnant have deep roots.  For now, suffice to say that the left has used blacks in white guilt propaganda as a battering ram to break down resistance among our people to globalism, which is projected by those who despise us as the end of History with a capital “H.”  Both the neo-liberals and hard left agree on that.

In my lifetime, the key historical moment in undermining our people’s sense of positive identity was the “civil rights revolution” of the 1960s.  Integration, particularly of our schools, was a key aim of that revolution, and it facilitated the erosion of the American Remnant’s sense of positive identity.

In the past, pundits on the right spent a lot of time and energy attacking relativism, the idea that there is no objective right or wrong, truth or untruth, only varying perspectives, varying situations.  In the post-modern world, the language and symbols that express those various perspectives are instruments of power. 

The left was not entirely wrong about that. 

Take the teaching of history in integrated schools, which pointed out a flaw in the mainstream right’s argument. 

At one time, American students learned about a pantheon of heroes that included a number of slaveholders and certainly some hard-nosed, even ruthless men. Now, none of them can pass muster under the ideological precepts of today’s globalists and their hard left shock troops.  Iconoclastic attacks on monuments to our heroes bear this out.  

In permitting the left to rewrite history textbooks, what the right forgot was that education was not merely about passing tests or mastering “the material.”  Education originated as a means of socializing members of tribe and nation. It was a means of transmitting a heritage and confirming a positive identity.  Under the old view of education, the fact that Andrew Jackson owned slaves was not the most important thing about him. What was most important was “Old Hickory’s” heroism in battle, and his role in the building of our country. Now, it appears that Jackson will eventually be replaced by Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.

Something similar can be said about any number of American heroes from Washington to Charles Lindbergh. When whites and blacks were taught in segregated schools, there was no controversy over how such heroes were portrayed.  Then came the civil rights revolution. The inculcation of white guilt, which focused on putative American failings, followed.  Given the circumstances, it was inevitable that American history would eventually be portrayed through the prism of the so-called “1619 Project.”

Under the new rules of integrated, anti-American education, the only point that really mattered about Washington was that he owned black slaves, while Lindbergh was tagged as an anti-Semitic isolationist.

White guilt was effective in beginning the transformation of how the children of the American ethnos were taught and what they were taught.  The old ways did not last long in an integrated school environment. They could not.  

Integration meant that whites had to give up their positive heritage.  The very act of forcing the two races together was meant as an acknowledgement of wrongdoing by whites.  Blacks were cast as the victims, whites the sinners asking for forgiveness.

Two narratives, one white, one black, could not co-exist. One would prevail. As in all black-white mutual relationships since the 1960s, it is whites who are expected to yield—and widely prevalent “virtue signaling” means that many whites happily do so.

I do not begrudge blacks their heroes. Malcom X was a proud black man who called on his people to stand up for themselves.  MLK was the inspirational leader of the civil rights revolution.  There are other aspects of the character of both men black people would rather ignore. 

That’s the way of the world.  People need their heroes.

We should remember that as we consider how our people might survive and preserve their heritage in what will likely be an increasingly hostile future.

 Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood.  

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