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They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Virtue Signaling

David French, Rod Dreher, and other Never Trump Christians have been quite vocal of late bemoaning Donald Trump and those Christians tacky enough to have voted for him and insensitive enough not to have repented of being a “Trumpist.” Being an unapologetic supporter of Trump is an unforgivable sin in the eyes of both the secular left and the Never Trump right. It also precludes an invitation to be part of the “conversation,” the contours of which are set by the left and are elastic enough to encompass “conservatives” who denounce Trumpism, and all its works, and all its empty promises.

So, the Christian Never Trumpers are denouncing away, declaiming that Trump accomplished nothing and indeed made things worse, ushering in a leftist persecution that never would have come otherwise. Let’s leave aside for a moment the fact that the secular left had already begun using state power to attack the autonomy of Christian organizations under Obama, and also all the positive developments made possible because Trump controlled, however fitfully, the levers of power of the administrative state for four years.

The incontestable fact remains: Trump appointed one third of the Supreme Court and a roughly comparable percentage of the federal judiciary as a whole. If the Never Trumpers had had their way, those positions would have been filled by Hillary Clinton. Those judges, and their support of the Constitution, are the strongest barrier there is to leftist tyranny.

So, fair is fair: if Trump voters are to be damned for all they’ve done, Never Trump Christians should act as if they had their way and Democrats had the opportunity to fill all the judicial vacancies filled by Donald Trump. They should voluntarily submit to any edict advancing secularism without recourse to the federal judiciary or reliance upon its decisions.

If they aren’t willing to do this, they should shut up. Or at least have the decency to stop all the virtue signaling at the expense of their co-religionists who were, and are, more clear-headed about the realities of political power than they are.

Political Orphans

It is clear that to many Republican politicians and conservative scribblers, the 75,000,000 of us who voted for Donald Trump are every bit as deplorable as he is. That is why they are so eager to impeach Trump days before he leaves office, without giving any thought at all to what the millions who voted for Trump want. There would be no need to remove Trump from office mere days before his term expires if they trusted us.

But nothing, right now, is more important to the politicians and pundits who would be forced to hold real jobs if not for us than to literally disenfranchise us: to make sure we never have the chance to vote again for Donald Trump. In their view, we made the wrong decision before, and they don’t trust us not to make the wrong decision again. Hillary Clinton told us what she really thought of us with her mouth; they tell us what they really think of us by their deeds.

Remember this the next time one asks for your vote or your money.

Worse than A Crime

What happened in Washington yesterday was worse than a crime, it was a blunder. Despite the decibel level of the denunciations, no one was in fact more pleased by yesterday’s events than the members of the bipartisan establishment who view it as their opportunity to discredit the only force in American politics they genuinely fear–populist nationalism–for good.

Whether that in fact happens remains to be seen. But consider how committed is that establishment to such unpopular (and ruinous) policies as unending wars and open borders that among the items contained in the defense appropriations bill vetoed by Trump were provisions prohibiting defense dollars from being spent on a border wall– securing America’s borders has nothing to do with “defense” as that term is used in DC–and provisions prohibiting the withdrawal of American troops from various foreign locations.

Whether Trump as a person is permanently discredited is not a matter of great concern to me. Whether the program of protecting American jobs, securing America’s borders, keeping Americans from harm in wars that have nothing to do with defending America, and generally favoring the interests of ordinary Americans over foreigners and special interests, is.

A return to the days when the only opposition to the globalism of Clinton and Obama was the globalism of Bush, McCain, and Romney would be a disaster for my country.

Putting Americans Last

I can understand voting against a $2000 check for most Americans on the grounds of fiscal prudence, though I would have voted the other way. What I cannot understand is voting against money for ordinary Americans while also voting for the bloated defense budget, with billions for special interests, including favored foreign causes that do nothing for Americans. That is the very opposite of putting America and Americans first, and that is where far too many congressional Republicans have put themselves.

Trump Puts Americans First

President Trump is rightly threatening to veto the so-called stimulus bill, which contains lots of money for foreign countries and other favored Beltway causes, but only $600 checks for ordinary Americans who have been greatly harmed by the pandemic and the attendant social and economic disruption. Trump is asking Congress to increase the amount to $2000.

This is called putting America and Americans first. It is completely alien to David Frum and David French and Jonah Goldberg and Rod Dreher and all the other “conservatives” who have been hysterical at best and hateful at worst about Trump, but it explains why millions of us voted to reelect Trump and are glad we did.

In fact, if Trump had more forcefully and more often rejected the Beltway consensus as he is doing here, he would have been reelected regardless of how many tricks Democrats in Philadelphia and Atlanta and Detroit and Milwaukee may have had up their sleeves.

The Hysteria Worked. For Now.

Despite breathless warnings about Trump being a dictator, in the end the man 1) started no wars, 2) did not initiate any prosecutions of political opponents, and 3) did not use the IRS to take away the tax-exempt status of organizations opposed to his worldview. His immediate predecessor did all of that, and more.

Nor did he attempt a coup d’etat to retain power. He filed lawsuits, just like Al Gore did.

Similarly, despite all the wailing about how violent Trump supporters are, there have been numerous gatherings of Trump supporters since the election. These people believe the election was stolen. Despite this, they did not riot, did not loot, and did not assault political opponents. The only violence at these rallies was the result of attacks by Antifa on Trump supporters.

The hysteria surrounding Trump from the beginning has been entirely unjustified. And it has now achieved its end, returning power to a bipartisan establishment that has done incalculable damage to America even as it has enriched itself.

In other words, the hysteria worked. For now. But millions of Americans won’t soon forget what they have learned about the true nature of our self-proclaimed betters.

VT Day

Yesterday, neocon warmonger Max Boot, still angry at Trump for being the first President since Jimmy Carter not to start a new war, exulted in Trump’s media-proclaimed defeat and pronounced it VT Day,or the day to celebrate the victory over Trump.

Many others joined in. As with the BLM protesters, media admonitions about face masks and social distancing were forgotten, and an indulgent media portrayed this as an occasion that all could, and maybe, should celebrate.

Those putting the emphasis on “should” included Never Trumpers Jennifer Rubin and Rick Wilson, who warned of various types of vengeance against Trump supporters.

We Trump supporters are, no doubt, guilty of many offenses. We believe things the media fact-checkers tell us aren’t true. We live in places that the generally affluent revelers on VT Day could never conceive of visiting, much less living. The list could go on.

But at least Trump supporters have never acted like they just emerged from four years of Nazi occupation, which is both ridiculously untrue and highly insulting, since it makes roughly 70 million of their fellow Americans into Nazis, or Nazi sympathizers.

It’s difficult to take seriously pleas for national unity against the backdrop of celebrations that make all too clear that those of us who backed Trump still are, and always will be, Deplorable.

Shut Up, They Say

Al Gore challenged the result of the 2000 election until December 13, 2000, including challenging the actions of the Florida Secretary of State.

There have been several anomalies brought to light concerning the handling and counting of ballots in the 2020 presidential election. Trump has the same right Al Gore did to use the legal system to seek explanations for those anomalies.

All the thunderous noise to the contrary coming, generally speaking, from people who never accepted the results of the 2016 presidential election, may be safely disregarded.

More is at Stake Than Manners

Donald Trump is often boastful, frequently coarse, even vulgar. He is not a model of virtue, or decorum, or even good manners. As a result, many people who have voted for Republican presidential candidates in the past plan on voting for Joe Biden. This impulse is certainly understandable. But it may not be wise.

The Democrats have given many signals that they view this election as the chance to secure political power for a generation. They are contemplating increasing the number of justices on the Supreme Court to make it less conservative. FDR was the last President to consider doing this, after he had annihilated Republican presidential nominee Alf Landon by winning every state except Maine and Vermont. Despite this overwhelming victory, and Democratic control of both the House and the Senate, FDR was forced to back down from his plan to “pack the court” because there was a strong consensus that changing the structure of the Court in order to make it more amenable to the President was broadly inconsistent with the spirit of republican govermance.

Then there is the filibuster. Although not part of the Constitution, the requirement of a supermajority to end debate in the Senate has long acted as a check on the power of what might be a fleeting legislative majority to enact radical legislation. But a few months back Barack Obama denounced the filibuster as a relic of Jim Crow.

The fun and games don’t stop there. Democrats are talking about conferring statehood on the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The main reason for this is that Democrats figure that putting these two new stars on the flag means four additional Democratic senators for many years to come.

The Democrats are also broadly committed to giving citizenship to the great majority of illegal aliens living in America and to lessening, even eliminating the sanctions for unauthorized entry into the United States.

These proposals may sound altruistic, but they have a political basis. The Democrats have benefited greatly from the demographic change brought about by mass immigration. That is the chief explanation, for example, for why California is now a reliably Democratic state. From 1952 through 1988 California chose the Republican candidate for President every time, except in 1964. Since 1992, the Democrats have won the Golden State’s electoral votes every single time. For all intents and purposes, California is now a one party state. The Democrats would dearly love for mass immigration to turn the entire country into a one party state, too.

The Democrats now openly support measures that were beyond the pale not long ago. They believe in second graders being able to change their sex, as Joe Biden explained in the townhall meeting that took the place of the second debate. They want Christian organizations to set aside their religious convictions and to follow today’s secular morality instead, even when that secular morality is no more than a decade or two old. They believe that American society is shot through with “systemic racism” and that all whites, no matter how modest their circumstances, benefit from an unfair “white privilege.” And they believe, as Kamala Harris explains in this new video, that government should ensure that everyone ends up at the same level. Such a belief is antithetical to a belief in freedom, as Americans have always understood it:

The choice is stark. And maybe more is at stake than manners, decorum, or even personal virtue.

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