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Post Correction Reveals Another Falsehood In House Impeachment Memo

The Washington Post has corrected a story that President Trump falsely told a Georgia election official to “find the fraud” to help overturn Biden’s victory in the state.

That is the second major falsehood connected to a media report that appeared in House impeachment brief, which in turn accused Trump of inciting an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

The first was that Trump supporters killed Capitol Hill police officer with a fire extinguisher. That one appeared in the New York Times. Sicknick had a stroke.

The House memo footnoted both accounts. The newspapers then published corrections. But not, of course, before House impeachment managers presented a case for “high crimes and misdemeanors” based on those falsehoods.

A Payday For The Floyds … $27M For What?

Minneapolis paid $27M because George Floyd died of a drug overdose. He couldn’t breathe because he took fentanyl, a powerful respiratory depressant, not because Derek Chauvin restrained him with a knee to the back of the neck.

He also had the China Virus, which is often fatal to people with Floyd’s myriad health problems that included cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

The autopsy was clear. The Big Lie continues.

Dear, Mr. President …

… The editors of American Remnant and their families will get together in their backyards on July 4 or at any other time without your input, advice, or permission.

Thank You.

The Editors

Cuomo Accuser 6: He Grabbed My Breast

More details have emerged on the allegations by the sixth woman to accuse NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment. If what the woman says is true, Cuomo is guilty of misdemeanor sex assault.

100K Illegal Aliens Caught In Feb. Almost 400K Since Oct. 1

The demographic displacement of old stock Americans continues. And you’ll pay for their education and health care. They carry the Flu Manchu. Biden is releasing them into heartland.

But at least his people admit the truth. He encouraged the latest invasion.

In An Empire, We Are Subjects, Not Citizens

by Clyde Wilson

The United States began as a republican confederation. With Appomattox it became a consolidated regime the most important symbol of which was $. With conquest and occupation of the Southern states the ruling element began to get a taste for empire, which Europe seemed to demonstrate to be a profitable affair. Thus annexation of Hawaii and the Philippines and various interventions in Latin America and Asia.  World War I created a widespread anti-imperial reaction.  The instincts and institutions of republicanism continued to have some hold on the people.

World War II and the Cold War completed American conversion into an imperial state, possessing of a worldwide empire, with bases and client states across the globe. (Imperialism is always covered with blather about spreading  “democracy,” whatever that means.) There has never been in history an empire with leaders as flabby, arrogant, unpatriotic, and clueless as the American ruling class. Their empire is bound to be challenged by other rising powers, in response to which they likely will create events disastrous to humanity — the extent of which will be only limited by their incompetence and delusions.

Empires do not have citizens. They have subjects. The bizarre events of recent times are part of  solidifying  the empire internally. We are all being made into subjects, although some subjects are more favoured than others. The Bidenites may well succeed in their project. If so, what will be left will be a regime that no civilised person can love. 

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