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If Biden Takes Office, An Open-Borders Subversive Will Run DHS

If Tailpuller Joe puts his hand on a Bible on January 20, his selection to run the Department of Homeland Security will be Alejandro Mayorkas, a Cuban who admits he is hard left on immigration because he is a refugee from Fidel Castro’s island concentration camp.

You’d think he would decline working in an administration that will be run by crackpot leftist Kamala Harris, and likely employ communist sympathizers if not actual communists. Then again, he also worked for Barack Hussein Obama.

That aside, this man isn’t just a leftist. He’s a dangerous subversive who helped illegal aliens perpetrate asylum fraud by not stopping them.

He’s another reason the GOP must keep the U.S. Senate. He must not be confirmed.

Read about him here.

Mayor of Austin: You Better Stay Home. Guess Where I am?

Well, well, well.

Another day, another Democrat leftist tells us all to stay home, while he parties with the fam. This time it’s the mayor of Austin, Texas, Steve Adler.

While whooping it up on the sunny shores of Cabo San Lucas, after landing in a private jet after his daughter’s 20-guest wedding fiesta, he told fellow Texans to stay locked up at home.

Last week, it was the mayor of Denver.

‘Yes, it’s Time For A Divorce’ On ‘The Catholic Current’ Radio Program

The Catholic Current radio program discusses American Remnant’s “Yes, It’s Time For A Divorce. We Just Can’t Get Along.”

Why Trump Is In Court, Instead Of Preparing For MAGA 2.0

Though the 2020 election results are undecided, they vindicate Sam Francis and Steve Sailer

Despite securing more votes from minorities than any Republican since Richard Nixon in 1960, Donald Trump suffered setbacks among white working-class voters, which cost him victories in the Rust Belt. Had he maintained his level of support from 2016 with this demographic he would be plotting the contours of a second term rather than a legal strategy. 

If Republicans hope to win future national elections, the first step is a proper post-mortem that examines this failure and understands the reasons for it. Scot Olmstead offers that analysis.

The GOP must stop ignoring the “Deplorables” and forge a new coalition that unites the American Remnant with sympathetic minorities and, hopefully, a rising elite that can provide cultural power and sustenance. 

Economic nationalism will glue that coalition together. As Olmstead writes, economic nationalism is “the formula that can express the material interests and cultural values of Middle America and create solidarity among otherwise disparate groups. It is the path forward.”

The time has come for a more radically populist and nationalist critique of the Ruling Class—a Trumpism without Trump.

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