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How much Longer Can The Lincoln Project Hold On?

Even one of its founders, George Conway, says officials knew about John Weaver’s homosexual stalking.

More Proof The Lincoln Blacklisters Knew About Their Stalker

The Associated Press and Washington Blade report
that the Lincoln Project’s leaders knew all about John Weaver’s homosexual stalking on Twitter. And did nothing about it. The project’s founders collected millions, by the way.

As for George Conway, whose spent every waking moment the last four years attacking everything President Trump said and did, well, that project founder was clueless.

Like Sgt. Schultz, he knew nothing … NOTHING

Trump Bullied Palm Beach? What About Leftist Corporations That Bully Entire States?

Headline in WaPo: For decades Donald Trump bullied Palm Beach to get his way. Now he’s determined to make it his home.

No one cares whether Trump “bullied” Palm Beach. Some of us don’t believe it.

But supposing he can and did, is the Post worried at about left-wing, pro-sodomy corporations that bulled entire states into blocking sensible laws to stop grown men — who pretend to be women — from molesting little girls in restrooms?

We’ll wait for the story.

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