Political Orphans

It is clear that to many Republican politicians and conservative scribblers, the 75,000,000 of us who voted for Donald Trump are every bit as deplorable as he is. That is why they are so eager to impeach Trump days before he leaves office, without giving any thought at all to what the millions who voted for Trump want. There would be no need to remove Trump from office mere days before his term expires if they trusted us.

But nothing, right now, is more important to the politicians and pundits who would be forced to hold real jobs if not for us than to literally disenfranchise us: to make sure we never have the chance to vote again for Donald Trump. In their view, we made the wrong decision before, and they don’t trust us not to make the wrong decision again. Hillary Clinton told us what she really thought of us with her mouth; they tell us what they really think of us by their deeds.

Remember this the next time one asks for your vote or your money.

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