Worse than A Crime

What happened in Washington yesterday was worse than a crime, it was a blunder. Despite the decibel level of the denunciations, no one was in fact more pleased by yesterday’s events than the members of the bipartisan establishment who view it as their opportunity to discredit the only force in American politics they genuinely fear–populist nationalism–for good.

Whether that in fact happens remains to be seen. But consider how committed is that establishment to such unpopular (and ruinous) policies as unending wars and open borders that among the items contained in the defense appropriations bill vetoed by Trump were provisions prohibiting defense dollars from being spent on a border wall– securing America’s borders has nothing to do with “defense” as that term is used in DC–and provisions prohibiting the withdrawal of American troops from various foreign locations.

Whether Trump as a person is permanently discredited is not a matter of great concern to me. Whether the program of protecting American jobs, securing America’s borders, keeping Americans from harm in wars that have nothing to do with defending America, and generally favoring the interests of ordinary Americans over foreigners and special interests, is.

A return to the days when the only opposition to the globalism of Clinton and Obama was the globalism of Bush, McCain, and Romney would be a disaster for my country.

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