Trump Puts Americans First

President Trump is rightly threatening to veto the so-called stimulus bill, which contains lots of money for foreign countries and other favored Beltway causes, but only $600 checks for ordinary Americans who have been greatly harmed by the pandemic and the attendant social and economic disruption. Trump is asking Congress to increase the amount to $2000.

This is called putting America and Americans first. It is completely alien to David Frum and David French and Jonah Goldberg and Rod Dreher and all the other “conservatives” who have been hysterical at best and hateful at worst about Trump, but it explains why millions of us voted to reelect Trump and are glad we did.

In fact, if Trump had more forcefully and more often rejected the Beltway consensus as he is doing here, he would have been reelected regardless of how many tricks Democrats in Philadelphia and Atlanta and Detroit and Milwaukee may have had up their sleeves.

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