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Your Tax Dollars At Work. Fauci’s Virus Outfit Funded Wuhan Bat-Virus Lab

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the sainted man running the United States, oversees the agency that sent your tax dollars to the lab in Wuhan, China, that genetically engineered bat viruses to infect human beings. Four years ago, the Chinese military discussed weaponizing bat viruses. Last year, a bat virus caused a worldwide pandemic that wrecked the

Republican “Transgenders”: The Dems are the Real Transphobes!

By Wayne Allensworth I have to admit, the California governor’s race is going to be quite amusing, with Republicans accepting “Caitlyn” as one of their own—next thing you know, they’ll have Tim Scott (the Dems are the real racists!) paired with “Caitlyn” (the Dems are the real transphobes!) to reply to Biden’s speeches. The post-American

Chauvin Juror Lied. Attended Pro-Floyd Rally In D.C.

No wonder former cop Derek Chauvin was convicted. A juror in his trial lied on his jury questionnaire about attending a pro-George Floyd rally in Washington, D.C. The same juror thinks trials are meant to push social “change.” Another juror said she feared Black Lives Matters terrorists would attack her home. How many others jurors

Conservative “Trans” Mania

By Wayne Allensworth After the “conservative case for gay marriage” and the “conservative case for transgender rights,” James Kirkpatrick, probably correctly, assumes that we will soon be subjected to the “conservative case for Critical Race Theory,” as well. Well, what’s to stop it? If alleged conservatives can accept “transgender rights,” they’ll cave in on anything.


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