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Utopia in Power: Divisions in the “Coalition of the Fringes”

By Wayne Allensworth The recent rhubarb in the Democratic Party between “progressives” and “moderates” over a sub-par performance in Congressional elections highlighted one of the major divisions within the “coalition of the fringes,” the division between hard left socialists and managerial neo-liberals.  The post-Americans who want to rule over us apparently can’t get along. The hard leftists, led by the

Why Trump Is In Court, Instead Of Preparing For MAGA 2.0

Though the 2020 election results are undecided, they vindicate Sam Francis and Steve Sailer.  Despite securing more votes from minorities than any Republican since Richard Nixon in 1960, Donald Trump suffered setbacks among white working-class voters, which cost him victories in the Rust Belt. Had he maintained his level of support from 2016 with this demographic he would be plotting the

Trumpism without Trump?

By Wayne Allensworth The redoubtable Ann Coulter’s theme of her latest series of campus tours has been “Trumpism without Trump.”  Miss Coulter told an audience at The University of Texas-Austin, for example, that she was happy Trump had lost a narrow election, as a second Trump term “would have killed us.”  Trumpism—the America First platform Trump ran on in 2016—hasn’t

A Rigged “Political Process” and the Radicalization of Middle America

By Wayne Allensworth As the deplorable nation went to bed on election night, it appeared that Donald Trump was about to pull it off—the Orange Man seemed to be on his way to a surprise victory.  The slanted polls were wildly wrong once again.  There was no “blue wave” in sight, and Sleepy Joe had barely left his basement during


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